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So, life is never paid up I say. Even when we are long gone from Life, someone will be paying something, right?

Well, maybe, but we can be educated and intelligent on the matter and prepare.

I know Dave Ramsey preaches “Term Life,” and we all love Dave’s advice. But something tells me that Dave Ramsey doesn’t know everything about your Life!

I ask you this: Do you want to keep paying on life insurance the rest of your life or would you like to pay it up and have that money to use elsewhere?

If you want to hear more, just call or message me and I will be glad to talk more about how a product can change your Life and put more money back into your pocket at an older age. I tell people all the time, I love Dave Ramsey, but I will not believe everything 1 person says all the time. You have to be on top of your medical situations as they arise.

Your future self is just getting older and when we get older, the body isn’t what it once was. So, do yourself a favor and get the guesswork out of your Life!